Uniquely Evolve On Your Skin | Vegan | Premium & Organic | Australian

Not Tested On Animals | Unisex | Made In Australia 100% Natural With Organic Ingredients

Uniquely Evolve On Your Skin | Vegan | Premium & Organic | Australian

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PV Trance Reviews

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Hundreds of 5-star ratings by verified customers!


Trance ‪#‎naturalperfume‬ has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars in the US! 

A breakthrough in perfume!

"This is very important- I DO NOT LIKE PERFUME. But Christy Organics is not your average perfume. Perfect,light, botanical, slightly sweet, earthy - Trance is all of my favourite scents rolled together in the absolute best, all-natural scent I've ever found!" – Rainey | USA (Verified Buyer)

Mild, clean, and therapeutic!

"I love this super calming scent. My hubby hates perfumes and the like but he loved this one!" – Elyse | USA (Verified Buyer)

This perfume!!

"As soon as you inhale the sweet floral aroma of this perfume, you are immediately taken to a zen place! It's girly yet sophisticated. The oils blend into the skin quickly and it stays on for a long time!! I get so many compliments when I wear this perfume!! My new daily must have!" – Sarah | USA (Verified Buyer)


"I mean, I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten when wearing this. It smells incredible." - Veronica | USA (Verified Buyer)

Sweet floral. Very nice

"I usually do not care for Jasmine scents as I find them too strong. I tried this and did not think I liked it, but about 1/2 hour later after it had mellowed a bit, I loved it. So did everyone else. I received 6 compliments in less than an hour." – Kathy | USA (Verified Buyer)

Smells Great!

"I was worried about this item due to my sensitivity to what you typically think of as 'perfume-y smells' but this was anything but typical and smells amazing! It didn't give me a headache AND it lasted all day." - Brittany | USA (Verified Buyer)

Lasts longer than most natural perfumes

"I like the scent, it is woodsy and complex, the formula is not too greasy like a lot of oil-based natural perfumes, and it lasts fairly long too." – Christine C | USA (Verified Buyer)

ABUNDANCE (Unisex scent)

 "Amazing.  I have been on the hunt for an organic, natural perfume and this one ticks all of the boxes. It smells absolutely gorgeous and lasts for hours. Thank you Christy for this lovingly made scent ....truly, this perfume was made with love and care. It's sweet, exotic and luxurious, what's not to like? I love the fact that there is no alcohol present in this perfume..." - Jakhira Priya Khatun | UK (Verified Buyer)

"Abundantly Beautiful ... I find it very soothing. It smells herbaceous and therapeutic. I am very sensitive to strong perfume scent and I find this not over powering like other perfumes" - Lyen | Australia (Verified Buyer)

"Wow.  Fabulous scent which fills me with calm and an inner smile..."  Terri C  | Australia (Verified Buyer)

URBANE (Unisex scent)

"... The French Lavender in Urbane has won me over!  I applied a dab of Urbane on my wrists as well as below my ear and was so pleased with its mild aroma." - Erin EcoBeautyReviews Reviewing Brands You Can Trust | Australia

"Not just a perfume!  Apart from the nice natural scent of the perfume, it helps to ease headache, dizziness, motion sickness. Highly recommended." - Charlotte Wong | Australia (Verified Buyer)

"Its a perfume men would appreciate because it is not too heavy and natural." - Peter Van Horssen | Australia (Verified Buyer)


"The first one I chose is Satisfaction, because of the main notes that are Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Nutmeg. Great, right up my street, spicy/creamy/sweet, this was bound to be perfect as an evening scent, and I was right! Its quite punchy with the spicy description on application, but when warmed into the skin it soon becomes rich, creamy and decadent, and I have had loads of people ask me what I am wearing which was really flattering..." - Emma UK (Verified Buyer)


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  • AUD$60.00 AUD$90.00 Low Stock
    5 Review(s)

    Unisex Featured Notes: Helichrysum, French Lavender and Sandalwood Urbane is a scent of flora and life. The refreshing floral aroma comes from its hypnotic mixture of Helichrysum and French Lavender.  The flowery nature of the fragrance is followed by Sandalwood, bringing the perfume back to earth with a woody undertone.  With a soothing, tea-like aroma,...

    AUD$60.00 AUD$90.00
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    Low Stock
  • AUD$42.00 AUD$90.00 In Stock

    Featured Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Nutmeg Satisfaction’s spicy sweet balmy scent is reminiscent of comfort and love. The balsamic tone of the perfume is created through a loving mixture of vanilla (organic) and tonka beans. The fruity spice overtone, however, comes from the exotic Nutmeg blended in, filling the scent with a touch of spice and warmth....

    AUD$42.00 AUD$90.00
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    In Stock
  • AUD$70.00 AUD$90.00 In Stock
    11 Review(s)

    Unisex Featured Notes: Grapefruit, Rose Geranium & Frankincense ABUNDANCE’s alluring scent holds a rich tale of wealth and luxury.  The oriental feel of the perfume originates from its divine mixture of Frankincense and Rose Geranium, the flower, adding a gentle sweetness that warms the soul. The uplifting touch of citrus, however, comes from...

    AUD$70.00 AUD$90.00
    Online only Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • AUD$70.00 AUD$90.00 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    Featured Notes: Jasmine, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang Trance's seductive scent speaks of both desire and fulfillment. The intoxicating nature of this perfume comes from the divine mixture of narcotic Jasmine, and sweet Bergamot, enticing all into a timeless and alluring fantasy. The delicate and erotic Ylang Ylang however, is reminiscent of the forbidden...

    AUD$70.00 AUD$90.00
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    In Stock
  • AUD$36.00 AUD$60.00 New & Improved Formula

    Featured Notes: Vanilla & Labdanum (New & Improved Formula) Amber is a sweet and sultry scent made from labdanum (absolute) and organic Vanilla (Grade A) from Madagascar  Aroma : Vanilla, caramel and light ambergris-like (100% plant-based)#ScentsThatTranscend, designed to uniquely evolve on your skin ✔ Proprietary Formula ✔ Natural | Organic |...

    AUD$36.00 AUD$60.00
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    New & Improved Formula
  • AUD$19.99 AUD$39.99 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    Sample pack of  5 x 1mL each - Abundance, Urbane, Satisfaction, Trance & Amber

    AUD$19.99 AUD$39.99
    Online only Reduced price!
    In Stock